Virtual Student Tours

Third Wave Digital has over 20 years of experience in crafting informative and entertaining video presentations. Our award-winning student and virtual campus tours take video to the next level by incorporating actual students as virtual tour guides. From script writing, directing and videography to post-production editing, our virtual campus tour presentations are professionally created to showcase your college or university in the best possible light.

Virtual Student & Campus Tours from Third Wave Digital

We go beyond simple photo galleries and create online campus tour presentations that make your college campus come alive to prospective students! Our virtual campus tours incorporate:

  • Actual students as talented tour guides giving every prospective student a current college student to relate to and trust.

  • Easy-to-follow videos that highlight your campus' best features and offer a bird’s eye view into everything your college or university has to offer, from academics to athletics to student life. 

  • Professional script writing, videography and post-production editing to ensure the spirit of your university is captured.

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What if prospective students could visit your campus without leaving the comfort of home?

With virtual student tours from Third Wave Digital, they can!