Luther Rice College and Seminary

Through teamwork and collaboration, the newly redesigned boasts a responsive design, campus calendar, student profiles, and a news and press plugin. All these features are backed by Third Wave’s higher education Content Management System, TWD.CMS, and the site is securely hosted by TWD Host.

The homepage of the newly designed website is multi-paneled with a long-scroll design and many multiple interactive elements. The highly-equipped homepage ensures that the first-time user receives the most valuable information about the school during their first visit. Almost every element on the homepage can be customized with administration access from banner photos to drop down menu content. 

As a private Christian college and seminar, the staff wanted to ensure that when potential students entered their website they received valuable information about the course offerings and the University’s values, mission dedication to education. Working together, Third Wave Digital was able to meet and exceed Luther Rice’s expectations.

  • Custom Responsive Website Design
  • Custom Website Design
  • Content Management System
  • Student Profiles
  • News & Press Manager
  • Directory
  • Calendar
  • Website Hosting

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