Dalton State College

RoadRunners are alive and well in Dalton Georgia. Roadrunners study hard, they get involved, they cheer on their team.  Located in northern Georgia, this multifaceted institution’s web presence was due for a redraw.  Dalton State College commissioned Third Wave Digital to develop a website that accurately captured the unique experience of life at Dalton State. The newly redesigned http://www.daltonstate.edu boasts a responsive design, interactive campus map, campus calendar, virtual student tour videos, and an admissions resource center. All these features are backed by Third Wave’s higher education Content Management System TWD.CMS and the site is securely hosted by Third Wave Digital.

Third Wave began with re-sketching the outlines of the site; they worked closely with the staff at Dalton State to reassess the information architecture to create a more streamlined navigation experience.  Unnecessary pages were removed and Third Wave lent a hand (or 10) for content migration and page layout.

Third Wave not only designed a responsive website that is easy to consume by its users, but the administrators of the website benefit from the TWD.CMS Content Management system. Administrators can quickly and easily make text changes to the home or interior pages and add new events to the campus calendar. More advanced functions include the ability to add or rename pages, and add additional administrators and assign them to specific sections to the site. Administrations can also take advantage of the advanced metadata entry options included in all pages.

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  • Custom Responsive Website Design
  • Content Management System
  • Web Video Production
  • Student Video Tours
  • News & Press Manager
  • Photo Gallery
  • Calendar
  • Website Hosting
  • Interactive Map

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