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Content Management System

In addition to our award-winning college and university website designs, we are equipped to provide complete back-end development offering technical solutions for your complex needs. Our comprehensive, full-featured Content Management System includes a robust set of tools that allow site administrators the ability to make content updates, manage site pages and navigation, assign and monitor users, and much more.

College and University CMS Solutions

The Third Wave Digital Campus Tours TWD.CMS is unique in that - unlike many other Content Management Systems - it allows the user to see the changes they are making before pushing them live to the site. This allows for edits to be made in real time without exposing them to the public. Another unique feature of the TWD.CMS is that the user can view the changes they are trying to make as if they were looking at the site itself, without having to go in to a complicated, back end system. The intuitive interface is unrivaled by any other Content Management System in existence today, and allows even the least tech-savvy person to navigate a Third Wave Digital Campus Tours crafted website with ease.

Third Wave Digital Campus Tours provides complete training and the full support for all content management system customers. We also provide options for support and maintenance packages for clients that have limited personnel resources.

The TWD.CMS comes with standard content editing tools with the option to add numerous plug-ins to provide your team with even more site maintenance power:

Basic CMS Content Editing

  • Formatting of Text
  • Adding Hyperlinks
  • Table Creation
  • Bulleted Lists
  • Image/Photo embedding

Enhanced CMS Content Tools

  • Toggling between production, development and edit views
  • Add New Content Block
  • Add New Form
  • Add New Code
  • Edit History
  • Source View

System Administration

  • Menu Manager
  • User Manager
  • Template Manager
  • Skin Manager
  • Search Engine Optimization Tools

Additional Plug-in and Add-on Tools

  • Form Builder
  • News and Press
  • Photo Gallery
  • Masthead Slideshow Manager
  • Calendar

Already have a CMS solution?  Third Wave Digital has experience working with numerous other Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Drupal, OmniUpdate and Joomla.

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