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Content Management System

In addition to our award-winning college and university website designs, we are equipped to provide complete back-end development offering technical solutions for your complex needs. Our comprehensive, full-featured Content Management System includes a robust set of tools that allow site administrators the ability to make content updates, manage site pages and navigation, assign users, and much more. Contact Third Wave Digital for a demo or to Request a Quote.

College and University CMS Solutions

CMS Ease of Use

  • Content edit in a word-like processor environment
  • Edit images and pictures within content areas
  • Accessibility checker
  • Ability to set up tables, hyperlinks, and bulleted lists

CMS for Higher Education websites


Strong Framework To Build On

  • Permalinks
  • SEO support/optimization
  • Embed Snippets, Tracking Pixels, Code
  • User Manager supports large groups of creators

Website CMS features


All the CMS Tools you Need

  • Calendar
  • Photo Gallery with photo editor
  • Slideshow
  • Blog
  • News and Press
  • Form Builder

Website CMS tools

CMS Support Features

Easy to Use Tutorials

TWD.CMS has easy to follow tutorials that easily guide you through every part of this powerful system.

Full Documentation

TWD.CMS is fully documented in a searchable database covering all features and tools at your disposal.

Operation & Tech Support

If you have an operational question or technical issue, TWD is standing by to help with our online ticketing system.