Additional Marketing Services

Third Wave Digital offers a variety of additional features designed to help your new college or university website by aiding in marketing and recruitment goals. Below, we've included a few of the most popular. 

Higher Education Marketing Services

Best of all Third Wave Digital can create new, customized solutions based on your school's unique needs. Ready to learn more about the full list of services available to you?  Contact Us today. 

Traditional Advertising Agency Services

Third Wave Digital is truly a 'full-service' advertising agency.  Advertising and marketing services include preparation and placement of the advertising, as well as creating, planning, and production; everything from logo and brand development to traditional TV/Radio campaigns.

Social Media Exchange Pages

It's undeniable the role social media can play in your college or university's marketing efforts.  To make sure your social sites are incorporated without driving traffic away from your website, Third Wave Digital Campus Tours will create a Social Media Exchange page that will serve as the social media focal point on the new website. This page will allow visitors to preview the client's social media outlets without having to leave the website.

On-Location Video & Filming

In addition to complete website development services, Third Wave also features a complete in-house digital video production and post-production team. Whether it's a thirty second presentation designed to give an overview of your college or a long-form video intended for a special event, Third Wave Digital's talented videographers can assist with all of your on location filming needs.

Interactive Learning

Since no two institutions are the same, Third Wave Digital offers a variety of customizable options aimed at showcasing your college or university in a unique way.  From a “College Challenge Game” to interesting “Fast Facts” about your campus or school’s history, Third Wave Digital offers several innovative ways for prospective students to learn more about your institution in a fun and educational way.

Higher Education Marketing & Digital Marketing Company

Third Wave Digital's interactive learning quiz game presentation is based on a variation of a popular TV game show. Players are asked a series of questions in a multiple choice format with accompanying imagery and photos. Each correct answer increases the player’s point total and advances them to increasingly harder questions.  A wrong answer generates the correct answer for future game play knowledge and resets the game so that players can start over in order to beat the game!